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Our Vehicles and Crash Reconstruction Group includes Vehicle, Highway, and Human Factors Experts supported by our Tires, Materials, Biomechanical, Illumination, Meteorology, and Fire/Explosion Experts.  The input of all these Experts provides the needed information for our Crash Reconstruction Experts to perform complex crash reconstruction analyses and provide demonstrative evidence for courtroom testimony.  These Experts have analyzed all types of crashes involving cars, trucks, trailers, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, ATV’s, and pedestrians. 

Our Vehicle Experts, including Automotive, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers, have analyzed, designed, manufactured, tested, and operated vehicles and their components.  These experts can determine how the vehicle initiated or contributed to the severity of crashes.   They are experts in steering, suspension, brakes, electrical/controls/lighting, seats, airbags, seat belts, structural components, fuel systems, "black boxes," and crashworthiness. 

Our Highway Experts include Civil and Structural Engineers with design, construction, and maintenance experience for roads (including slopes, banks, surfaces), bridges, guardrails/barriers/medians, lighting, drainage, and traffic controls.  They can determine if the existing highway conditions, including work zone safety, contributed to the initiation or the severity of the crash.

Our Human Factors Experts can evaluate driver fatigue; operator perception and reaction; and actual or possible avoidance maneuvers, to determine their affects on the initiation or severity of the crash.

Our Tire Experts can determine if tires were defective or were damaged in the crash, and also the all-important interaction between the tires and the vehicle.  Likewise, our Materials Experts can evaluate damaged vehicle components to determine 1) if they initiated or were a result of the crash and 2) the likely method of failure (e.g. fatigue, corrosion, etc).

Our Biomechanical Experts can evaluate crash forces and render an opinion about crash severity from a biomechanical viewpoint.  They can examine the forces acting on the human body and predict how the body will react to those forces.  Finally, they can render opinions concerning likely types of injuries that could result from a crash and the specific mechanics of those injuries.

Our Illumination and Meteorology Experts can evaluate how poor lighting and/or weather conditions could have contributed to the crash.

Our Fire/Explosion Investigators can inspect the vehicle and the vehicle site to determine if a fire or explosion caused the crash, or were the results of the crash.  Electrical, fuel, and other vehicle components can be inspected and tested to determine if they were the origin and cause of the fire or explosion.  They can also evaluate whether the fire or explosion, including carbon monoxide exposure, contributed to the severity of any injuries or deaths.

Finally, we have the trained and certified automotive technicians to inspect, tow, test, disassemble (with photography), and provide secured storage for any vehicle or component.

Vehicle and Crash Reconstruction Experts
CV Abstracts

John Agosti, CFEI
Fire and Explosion Investigator

Mr. Agosti has more than 30 years experience involving fire investigations and prevention.  His experience includes structure fires; vehicle fires; fire deaths/injuries: evidence collection and spoliation; witness interviews; still and video photography; building and fire codes, including fire/building code violations; life safety code violations; smoke, fire, carbon dioxide detector and alarm issues; fire spread issues; fire sprinklers, walls, and doors; fire exits and illumination; fire prevention analysis; fire department practices, including fire department operations/ practices/ management; firefighter deaths/injuries/safety; origin and make initial determination of cause including structures, vehicles, equipment, and marine; insurance claims and criminal cases involving theft, fires, fraud, and conspiracies to commit arson; electrocutions; investigation of bombings and incendiary fires; boiler and furnace fires/ explosions; LP and natural gas fires/explosions; kitchen range fires; spontaneous combustions; electrical fires, including automobile, truck, boats, and equipment; fireplace, flue, and chimney fires; home appliance fires; industrial fires and explosions.

John is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, and a member of the National Fire Protection Association; the Fire Marshals Association of North America; the International Association of Fire Chiefs; the International Code Council; the Fire Investigators Strike Force; the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association; the International Association of Arson Investigators; and the National Association of Fire Investigators.

David A. Bade, PE
Civil Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan
Mr. Bade has more than 35 years experience involving highway construction, including asphalt/concrete paving, underground construction, bridges, drainage, traffic control and assessment, concrete packing structures, concrete restoration, illumination, work zone safety, and construction field supervision.  He is a member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) and NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers).

Dave has performed numerous projects for MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) and has extensive experience with MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations with respect to highway construction and safety.

Dave also has experience with vehicle crashes and vehicle crash reconstruction.

John G. Barnes;
Trucking Industry Expert
Mr. Barnes has over 25 years experience in the trucking and insurance business with special expertise in truck insurance underwriting; coverage form and claims; trucking operations; driver manuals; driver hiring practices; FMCSA compliance; safety audits; monitoring of safety and maintenance programs; driver training; commercial insurance; trucking practices; trucking policies and supervision; over-the-road truck driving and operations; truck and parts purchasing; truck repair and towing; and snow removal.

John has Bachelor's and Master's Degrees with his thesis entitled "Transportation Containerization: Implications for Labor and Industry."
James E. Barnhart, PE; Civil Engineer and Bridge Expert
Licensed Engineer in Ohio, West Virginia
Mr. Barnhart has more than 35 years experience as a Civil Engineer with over 25 of these years specializing as a highway and bridge investigator and inspector.  His experience includes the design, construction, repair, maintenance, inspection, and demolition of highways and bridges, including all aspects of masonry and concrete technology.

Jim is a member of the American Concrete Association; the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers; the Engineers Club of Columbus; and the American Association of State Highway Engineers.

Timothy A. Dimoff, CCP, LPI;
Security, Safety, and Police Expert
Mr. Dimoff has over 30 years experience involving security, safety and police procedures. His expertise includes security systems planning, management, and evaluation; crime foreseeability; standards of care; causation issues; use of force; police pursuits; jail incidents; weapons use; failure to protect; drug and alcohol policies and testing; dram shop liability; corporate internal investigations; labor disputes and strikes; management training and development; security assessment and vulnerability issues; pre-employment screening and background checks; sexual harassment; workplace violence; crises management; executive security; human resource issues; corporate security; management training/employee education; arrest procedures; use of force/self defense/escalation of force; vehicle pursuit procedures; narcotics investigations/enforcement; patrol procedures; traffic enforcement procedures; accident investigations; internal investigation procedures; alternative weapons use; defensive driving; electronic restraint devices; aerosol projectors; martial arts; K-9 handler and trainer; DOT training; crack houses; clandestine labs; search warrants; dock and warehouse theft; fraud investigations; and school violence and prevention.

Tim's Certifications include Certified Protection Professional (CPP);
Certified State of Ohio School Commander in Law Enforcement (12 Years); Certified State of Ohio School Commander in Corrections (8 Years); Certified State of Ohio School Commander in Jailer Programs (8 Years); Certified State of Ohio School Commander in Private Security (15 Years); Certified by the State of Ohio as an Instructor and Expert in the Field of Law Enforcement & Private; Security Training & Procedures. (15 Years); and Licensed Private Investigator (LPI), Ohio.

His past and present Professional Memberships include: The  American Society For Industrial Security (ASIS); The Infagard Association; The NOITR; The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET); The American Association of Correctional Training Personnel; The State of Ohio and International Narcotic Associations; The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio; The National Association of Prevention Professionals and Advocates, Inc.; The Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services (OASIS); The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.; and The National Advisory Board for Witness Justice (Victims of Crime).

Duane F. Dunlap, PE; Mechanical Engineer and Roadway and Railway Expert
Licensed Engineer in Michigan
Mr. Dunlap has over 40 years of experience related to vehicles and highway safety, with special expertise involving railroad crossings. His expertise includes roadway and railways including design, installation, maintenance and usage; highway and railroad safety; operations research; mechanics; accident reconstruction including large trucks; railroad/highway crossing accidents; driver sound detection capabilities; roadside signage and signals; roadside structures including guardrails, signposts, impact attenuators, earthen median dikes and barrier curbs; tire/road traction research including studded tires; influence of highway curves and grades; vehicle handling characteristics; collision avoidance maneuvers; conspicuity and lighting systems; vehicle and locomotive braking characteristics; train crew actions; traffic engineering; human factors; warnings; locomotive whistle characteristics; driving task analysis; and pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle safety and accidents.

Duane is a member of The
American Society of Civil Engineers; The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE); The ITE Committee Activities: Committee 4M-7:  Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Signs, and Guidance for Drivers, Passengers, and Pedestrians Within and Between Travel Modes, Committee 4E-A:  Experimental Traffic Control Devices, Committee 5B-1:  Design of Truck Escape Lanes, Chairman, Committee 4A-29: Accident Impact of Converting Stop Signs to Yield Signs; The Michigan Society of Professional Engineers; The National Society of Professional Engineers; The Professional Engineers in Private Practice; The National Academy of Forensic Engineers; The Society of Automotive Engineers; The National Association of Railroad Safety Consultants and Investigators; and a Past-Member of The Advisory Panel C-22, Vehicle Barrier Systems, National Cooperative Highway Research Program; and The Committee A2A04, Safety Appurtenances, Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences.

Lisa Ferrara, D.Eng
Biomedical Engineer
Mrs. Ferrara has nearly 20 years experience in biomedical engineering, including several years in the Department of Neurosurgery with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  Her expertise includes musculoskeletal injuries, brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, trauma induced injuries, spinal disorders and the biomechanics of spinal trauma.  Biomechanical behavior of the brain, head injuries, defective helmets and associated brain injuries, spinal injuries, etiologies that affect the central nervous system, sensory loss, child abuse, shaken baby syndrome, and the effects of substance abuse on the brain.

Lisa is a member of the American Society for Testing Materials; the North American Spine Society; the International Biomechanics Society; and the Biomedical Engineering Society.  She has nearly 20 years' experience in presenting lectures or articles regarding Biomedical Engineering, especially spinal issues.  Lisa has authored more than 60 book chapters.
John Frackelton, ASE, MVIC, SSC;
Motorcycle, ATV, and Snowmobile Expert
Mr. Frackelton has over 35 years experience as a Motorcycle, ATV, and Snowmobile Technician, Sales/Service Manager, and Litigation Investigator. His expertise includes motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile operations and functions; crash  reconstruction; steering, suspension, tires, wheels, and brakes; operator performance evaluations; mechanical, structural, materials, and electrical system malfunctions and defects; speed determinations; skid/scrape analysis; deformation/penetration patterns; racetrack liability; service training; product investigations and testing; fire investigations; simulator training; quality control; insurance investigations; air bag testing; and motor vehicle inspector.

John’s Certifications include ASE (Automotive Service Excellence); MVIC (Motor Vehicles Inspector Certification); and SSC (Snowmobile Safety Certification). John is also a Member of The American Motorcycle Association; The Society of Automotive Engineers; The Vintage Snowmobile Club of America; and The New York Statewide Traffic Accident Reconstruction Society.
Seth Francis, HPET;
Engine and Vehicle Management Systems
Mr. Francis's vehicle and engine experience includes: engine and vehicle graphical user interface systems; knock control systems; fine tuning engine management systems; designing engine calibration systems; hexadecimal engine coding, chip addressing, and vehicle communication protocol; modifying ECU/ADM's for street cars and race cars; high performance engine tuning; vehicle and engine performance and repair; parts fabrication; vehicle emission inspection machines; chassis dynamometers; five gas analyzers; and controlling and reducing vehicle emissions.

Seth is a certified High Performance Engine Tuner (HPET) and a certified (Texas) vehicle emissions inspector.

William H. Glidden, PE, CFEI, PI; Mechanical Engineer, Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Licensed Private Investigator
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Texas
Mr. Glidden has more than 35 years experience related to buildings and building systems/ equipment operation, maintenance, and safety.  Bill's experience includes management of waste materials; air and water environmental control; fire systems and safety; equipment failure evaluation; building construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance; building plumbing and HVAC; and hospital mechanical and electrical systems and equipment.

Bills' professional membership includes ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers), ASHE (American Society of Hospital Engineers), NAFEI (National Association of Fire and Explosion Investigators), and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Bill has been involved with structural fire and explosion origin and cause litigation, providing site investigations, evidence examination, reports, and expert testimony.

Paul H. Gross, CCM; Meteorologist

Weather-related evaluations for vehicular accident reconstruction (including marine, aviation, and off-road); special events planning; construction delays; slip-and-fall incidents, including black ice formation; lightning strikes; property damage; time-of-death investigations; fire investigations.

Dave Harris, ACTAR
Crash Reconstruction Expert
Mr. Harris has over 20 years experience performing vehicle crash reconstruction including: autos, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and off-road vehicles; crash retrieval systems; energy crush deformations; railroad crossings; total station mapping; computer-aided diagramming; insurance fraud; drug- interdiction; and breathalyzer operation.  

Dave is ACTAR (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) accredited; is a certified Secondary Breath Analyzer Operator; and is a Certified Crash-Data-Retrieval Systems Operator.

Richard Hermance, FE, ACE;
Vehicle Crash Reconstruction and Snowmobile Expert
Mr. Hermance has over 30 years experience investigating motor vehicle crashes. Specific expertise includes snowmobile operations and functions, including safety; operator performance evaluations; speed determinations; skid/scrape analysis; deformation/penetration analysis; vehicle and component research and testing; seat belts, including child restraints; pedestrian and bicycle incidents; crash computer simulations; trail design and safety, including signage; human factors, including daytime/nighttime visibility and reaction times; occupant trajectory; motorcycles, ATVs, racing cars, and watercraft; buses, motor homes, and trailers, including campers; dynamic traction analysis; injury and crash biomechanics; Crash Data Recorder (CDC) analysis; acceleration and braking tests; and farm equipment.

Richard's certifications include a certificate as an Accident Reconstruction Expert (ACE) by the National Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (1992); a certificate of Training, Commercial Vehicle Reconstruction: NATARI, NAPARS, NYSTARS (1999); a certificate of Training, Advanced Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, Crash Testing and Speed from Crush: NATARI, NAPARS, MATAI, NJAAR (1996); a certified Snowmobile Safety Instructor, State of New York; and a Board Certified Forensic Examiner (FE), The American Board of Forensic Examiners.

Richard is a member of The International Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists; The National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators; The Research/Testing and Evaluation Committee, National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators; The Ethics Committee, National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators; The American Board of Forensic Examiners; The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction; and the New York Statewide Traffic Accident Reconstruction Society Inc.
Thomas J. Hern
Automotive Consultant
Mr. Hern has over 30 years experience in the automotive dealership business including automotive dealership sales, service, and operations; automotive dealership evaluations; relationships between dealers and manufacturers; dealership and vehicle valuations; dealership training; technology consulting; accounting systems; cost segregation studies; and benchmark reviews. 

Tom was a recipient of the 1997 Dow Searle Fellowship and a winner of the 1997 Faculty Excellence Award.

James R. Heyl, PE; Electrical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan
Mr. Heyl has more than 30 years experience involving building electrical system and equipment design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  His experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities and their appliances/equipment.  Jim has been involved with automation and robotic systems; computers and PLC programming; low and medium voltage distribution systems; code compliance; and standby and prime power generators.

Jim’s experience also includes controls and instrumentation systems as well as investigations of electrical systems and components as the origin or cause of fires. 
Jim is a member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).
Joseph A. Incavo, PhD;
Tire Expert
Dr. Incavo has over 25 years experience in Tire Forensics, including material science of elastomers, polymers, and chemicals; FEA (Finite Element Analysis); manufacturing; testing; compounding; quality processes; intellectual property and patent support; reformulation analysis/interpretation; thermostats, thermoplastics, fillers, additives, and curatives; polyurethane elastomer products; Duraseal Tire Sealant; depolymerized butyl rubber; RFID tags; pyrolysis GC/MS; volatiles analysis; gas analysis; analytical instrumentation; hexane, ethylene, and polyethylene quality; petrochemical plants; gas chromatography; handling of toxic gases; clean rooms; tire molds; and electron spectroscopy.

Joe is a Member of The American Society of Testing Materials; The Rubber Manufacturers Association; The American Chemical Society; The ACS Rubber Division; The Research Society of Sigma Xi; and is an Instructor of Six Sigma and Quality Systems.

He also has 16 patents and has authored numerous publications in peer reviewed journals. 
Robert C. Krause, MS, EMT-P, CFI;
Emergency Medical Services Expert
Mr. Krause has over 20 years experience in emergency medical services as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) performing Emergency Medical Services (EMS). His experience includes emergency vehicle driving operations; EMS chart and protocol reviews; EMS, EMT, and paramedic policies, procedures, and standards of care; emergency communications procedures; fire department operations, ambulance operations, fire department training procedures; fire suppression tactics; fire, rescue, and extrication operations; law enforcement policies and procedures; safety and security training; emergency medicine, including pediatric; medical records review; first responder training; OSHA compliance; water safety; telecommunications; respiratory and cardiac arrest; chemical agents, including WMD's; school violence and security; and workplace violence.

Bob is a member of The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF); The International Society of Fire Service Instructors; The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM); The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); The National Association of EMS Educators; The National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD); The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO); The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS); and The National Flight Paramedics Association. Bob has given over a dozen EMS and EMT presentations nationally and internationally, and has contributed to several medical publications and professional journals.

Terry D. Lewis
Traffic Safety Expert; Private Investigator
Mr. Lewis has more than 25 years experience involving vehicle crashes, traffic safety, and private investigations, including auto, truck, tractor-trailer, bus, motorcycle, train, boat, and bicycle incidents; highway and traffic design, including pedestrian injury; driver perception and response; human factors and vision; vehicle "black box" analysis; seat belts and air bags; biomechanics of occupants; skip tracing-missing persons; and serving legal documents.

Terry is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists.  He is a Security and Private Investigator, and is a court accepted expert in traffic accident reconstruction in Ohio and Michigan.  He is also trained as a police officer, a semi tractor-trailer driver, and in traffic accident investigations and event data recorders (vehicle black boxes).

Gary A. Mattiacci, CAP, CTAI, LPI
Crash Reconstruction Expert
Mr. Mattiacci has more than 15 years experience performing crash reconstruction for autos, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, off-road vehicles, and pedestrians, as well as black box information recovery and evaluation.  Gary is a licensed  pilot and performs aerial photography to assist in evaluating highway and road defects.  Gary is also experienced in witness interviews, background checks, and skip trace assignments.

Gary is a member of the Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators, and is a Certified Accident Reconstructionist, Certified Traffic Accident Investigator, and a Licensed Private Investigator.

Timothy R. McGreal, PE;
Mechanical Engineer
Mr. McGreal has almost 20 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer, with over 25 years experience as an Automotive Mechanic. His expertise includes consumer products; automobile/trucks/other vehicles; fuel-fired appliances; explosions; fire suppression systems; fire alarm systems; plumbing systems; gas supply systems; code compliance; moisture intrusion; roof damage assessments; HVAC equipment; construction, agricultural, commercial, and industrial equipment and machinery; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); power tools; medical equipment; product design and packaging; human factors and warnings; and patent infringement.

Tim is a Registered Professional Engineer and has been awarded two patents. His Professional Affiliations include The Society of Fire Protection Engineers; The National Fire Protection Association; and The Society of Automotive Engineers.
Randy D. Merillat, MAT
Forensic Vehicle Expert
Mr. Merillat has more than 25 years experience as a vehicle mechanic for autos, trucks, buses, and agricultural equipment.  Randy's expertise encompasses all vehicle systems including engines, drive lines, suspension, steering, electrical systems, computer systems, heating/cooling systems, black box information recovery, and brakes.  He also teaches vehicle mechanics at several institutions in Ohio and Michigan.

Randy is a Member of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and holds a Master Automobile Technician (MAT) Certificate from that organization.  He also holds Auto Technology Teaching Certificates/Licenses from the states of Ohio and Michigan.
Lawrence W. Moriarty
Product and Materials Expert
Mr. Moriarty has more than 30 years of product design and materials engineering experience.  His experience includes product design and testing; failure analysis; chemical, physical and metallurgical testing; manufacturing operations; quality control; materials and fasteners; corrosion protection; responses to banned substances (asbestos, lead, cadmium, PVC, mercury and hexavalent chromium); FMVSS, SAE and ISO requirements; evaluation and testing of cloths, carpets, leather, plastics, metals, rubber, glass, lubricants, paints, sealers, and adhesives; development of advanced automotive bumpers, body structure, and hardware; heat treating operations.

Lawrence is a member of the American Society for Metals (ASM); the ASTM B-8 committee on Electroplating; and the SAE Wrought Aluminum subcommittee.  He has taught courses in metallurgy, materials science, physics, mathematics, and strength of metals.
Rob Painter, ASE, CFEI, CVFI, CFATE;
Senior Forensic Vehicle Analyst
Mr. Painter has over 20 years of experience in vehicle transponders, ignition locks, steering columns, and anti-theft systems; vehicle fraud; production and testing of keys and locks; air bags; fire and explosion origin and cause; vehicle collision repair; auto and medium/heavy duty trucks; vehicle brakes, steering, suspension, engines, drive train, axles, air conditioning, and electrical/electronic components; and auto dealership management.

Rob is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner; an ASE Certified Auto, Collision, Med/Hvy/Duty Truck Technician; a Certified Airbag Specialist; a Certified Forensic Auto Theft Examiner L-5; a Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator; and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator. He is a Member of The International Association of Forensic Auto Theft Examiners; The International Association of Arson Investigators (Multiple chapter membership); The North Central Regional Chapter of International Association of Auto Theft Investigators; The International Automotive Technicians Network; The South Carolina Insurance Fraud Investigators; The National Association of Fire Investigators; and The American College of Forensic Examiners.

Ethan Parker, PE; Civil Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia
Mr. Parker has more than 25 years experience in Civil Engineering including vehicle crash reconstruction, including automobiles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, water craft, and trains; analysis of mechanical and structural failures, including foundation, wall and roof collapses; vehicle defects and failures, including hydraulic/air brakes, steering and suspension, drive trains, and tires; mold remediation in homes, schools, and commercial buildings; vehicle fires and explosions, including arson; product defects, including mechanical and electrical failures; water infiltration, hail, and wind damage; roadway incidents, including road design and visibility analysis; design analysis; building code compliance; fire investigations; steel structures; glazing and roofing systems; conveyance systems; crane runways; traffic flow and accident patterns; signage and traffic signals.

Ethan is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; the Miami Valley Association of Traffic Collision Investigators and Reconstructionists; the National Society of Professional Engineers; the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers; the Society of Automotive Engineers; and the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio.  He is ACTAR accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist, and an ASE Certified Technician for automobiles, trucks, and school buses.

Thomas B. Peeler;
Plastics Expert
Part/mold design optimization; polymer materials; medical implants; CAE Analysis, including mold flow/cooling/warp analysis and FEA; problem solving and failure identification; design and cost assessments; material selection and performance; solids CAD modeling experience (Pro-E, Solidworks); process condition optimization; metal to plastic conversions; injection molding machines.
Thomas R.  Piazza, CCM;
Certified Meteorologist
Meteorological incidents and weather-related evaluations for: vehicular accident reconstruction (including marine, aviation, and off-road), special events planning, construction delays, slip and fall incidents, lightning strikes, property damage, fire investigations; cyclogenesis; ozone studies; Doppler Radar; weather code displays; computer generated surface maps; road pavement temperatures; renewable energy.
Duane B. Priddy, PhD
Materials and Chemistry Expert
Dr. Priddy has more than 35 years experience involving the analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing of organic materials and products, notably plastics.  Duane has served as an expert for litigation involving product defects, premises damage, and personal injuries. His area of expertise also includes medical implants (e.g. hip/ knee/ shoulder/ elbow).

Duane is a member of ACS (American Chemical Society) and has 65 U.S. patents.  He has authored more than 100 publications, including 5 encyclopedia articles and 8 book chapters, and has written more than 200 Dow Plastics Internal Research Reports.  He has also written and published a book entitled "Modern Styrenic Polymers" (Wiley, 2003).

William Gary Rogers, CFI, LPI; Fire Investigator Mr. Rogers has more than 30 years experience involving the investigation and "chemistry" of fires and explosions.  His experience also includes environmental assessments and remediation, mold and asbestos abatement, structural collapse evaluations, and hazardous materials management.

Gary is a member of the American Institute of Planners, the Society of American Foresters, the International Association of Arson Investigators, and a past member of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA), and the Michigan Water Pollution Control Association.
John W. Ross;
Trucking Expert
Trucking operations, maintenance, regulations/standards, safety, and training; oil field heavy trucking; OSHA 10; operation, inspection and maintenance of tractor-trailers and tankers; trucking industry safety standards; propane & hazardous materials certified; FMCSR trained; loading and unloading of hazardous materials safety; double/triple trailer and tanker driving experience; electronic log expertise & trainer; accident investigations; truck driver actions, reactions, responsibilities, qualifications, and training; standard of care; loading and unloading pipe and other flatbed load safety; driver skill testing; hydrocarbons and poisonous gases on oil and gas wells; troubleshoot mechanical damage and wear on vehicles; People-Net and Com-Data electronic log systems; crude oil spills and production water spills; haul production water and frac sand; inspect homes for propane leaks; install propane tanks and systems; extreme winter driving conditions; fly  fishing guide service; hazardous materials regulations; air brake adjustment and inspection testing; SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus); longer combination vehicle certificate; oil and gas H2s awareness and safety.
C. Shawn Saunders, PE
Mechanical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in New York, Pennsylvania
Mr. Saunders began performing vehicle crash reconstruction investigations in 1983 and since that time has performed investigations for autos, pick-up trucks, large commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and bicycles.  He has also investigated incidents involving highway and traffic design, vehicle fires, and seat belt usage and failure.  He is experienced in black boxes in both commercial and passenger vehicles.  He has provided expert witness testimony for depositions, arbitrations, and trials.

Shawn is a Licensed Professional Engineer, a New York State Certified Code Enforcement Official, and a member of the International Conference of Building Officials.

John Schmidt;
Dram Shop and Safety Expert
Mr. Schmidt has almost 30 years experience involving dram shop liability relating to alcohol sales, service, policies, procedures, security, supervision, and operations. His expertise includes: liquor law compliance and safety; underage drinking; intoxicated patrons at and upon leaving bars, restaurants, night clubs, bowling alleys, sports facilities, and special events; and undercover, financial, criminal, and regulatory investigations.

John is Certified as a Trainer for TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures). He has participated in numerous training courses conducted by the New Jersey State Police, FBI and New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. He is a graduate from the New Jersey State Police Academy.
Jim Scott;
Railroad Operations, Equipment, and Safety Expert
Mr. Scott has over 40 years experience as a Train Operator, Foreman, and Trainer. His expertise includes railroad operations and equipment; safety training; train performance; commodities transportation; locomotive engineer; brakeman/foreman/conductor; air brakes; event recorders; locomotive engineer training; loading and unloading; end of train devices; derailment investigations; train emergencies; and train simulators.

Jim's Certifications include FRA Certified as required by 49 CFR Part 240 and FRA Certified Conductor as required by 49 CFR Part 242.
Harold Lynn Stringer, BSME
Vehicle Engineering Expert
Mr. Stringer has more than 25 years experience in vehicle engineering, including motor vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, and servicing including: passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and private/commercial vehicle carriers; engines; fuel systems; electrical systems; lubrication systems; cooling systems; exhaust systems; drive trains; brakes; suspension; steering; wheels/tires; rear drive axles; A/C systems; vehicle crash safety structures; and laboratory testing procedures. 

Lynn has more than 280 hours of technical and management courses and seminars including the Dale Carnegie Institute, QS-9000 Internal Auditor, and Process Improvement Leadership Skills.  He is a Licensed Residential Builder and the National Director of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America.
Robert S. Sugarman, PhD, PE;
Human Factors/Visual Expert
Mr. Sugarman is an Experimental Psychologist and Registered Professional Quality Engineer with over 40 years experience. His expertise includes human factors; visual perception; human vision (contrast, brightness, color, speed, and distance); conspicuity; attention; reaction time; product and equipment design; medical equipment; instructions and procedures; warnings and labels; individual differences training; cognitive psychology; situational awareness; vehicle accidents; industrial and construction accidents; slip and falls; ergonomics; workplace layout physics; instructional system development (ISD); perceptual processes; physiological processes; drunken driving; decreased alertness; studies of camouflage; machine interfaces; evaluation of commercial products; environmental health and safety; and quality control.

Bob’s Professional Activities and Honors include: Fellow, The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society; The International Ergonomics Association, Technical committee on Slips, Trips and Falls; The American Psychological Association,; The Western New York Chapter of the Human Factors Society; The Assoc. for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Human Engineering and Home Healthcare Devices; The ASTM, Voting Member on Committees E34, F15, and F38; Reserve Deputy, Sheriff of Erie County, Scientific Reserve Division; Western NY Science Congress, Board of Directors; SUNY at Buffalo, Research Asst. Prof., Human Factors Coordinator;; Stavatti Aircraft Corporation, Board of Directors, Director of Human Factors Engineering; Aero Club of Buffalo; Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association; and in 2003, Dr. Sugarman was an invited columnist for a three-part series on Human Factors for the Buffalo Law Journal.

Bob has authored over 60 papers and publications, numerous training programs, and 5 patent disclosures (one US patent awarded). He is a contributor to ANSI/AAMI HE48-1993, Human Factors Engineering Guidelines and Preferred Practices for the Design of Medical Devices; ANSI/AAMI HE74:2001, Human Factors Design Process for Medical Devices; ANSI/AAMI HE75:2009, Human Factors Engineering – Design of Medical Devices, and, in progress, Instructions and Training for Home Healthcare Devices.
Shane Tecklenburg, AAEM;
Engine and Vehicle Management Systems
Mr. Tecklenburg has over 15 years experience in spark and diesel engines; data systems and sensors; turbochargers and superchargers, Bosch K/KE Jetronic and Motronic Systems; MoTec engine management systems; nitrous oxide systems; fuel injection systems; suspension systems; and engine team management.

Shane is certified in Advanced Automotive Engine Management (AAEM).

Kevin R. Theriault, ACTAR, CFC, CDS; Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Expert Mr. Theriault has over 25 years experience in law enforcement with special expertise in vehicle crash investigations and reporting. Expertise includes vehicle crashes (auto, truck, tractor-trailer, bus, motorcycle, bicycles, and off-road vehicles); FMSC regulations; vehicle and equipment inspections; documents research; DOT safety compliance; audit reviews; event data retrieval systems; alcohol and drug detection; emergency vehicle operations; air brake systems; ABS/FMVSS regulations; vehicle barrier crash testing; computerized accident reconstruction; biomechanics; railroad crossing incidents; driving fatigue; motor fleet safety principles and practices; fleet training; tractor trailer underride analysis; fleet risk management; police crash investigation procedures; traffic signal analysis; teaching accident investigation; and robotic scene mapping.

Kevin has a Certificate of Full Accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction; is a Certified Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technician; a Certified Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Data Analyst; is a Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners; Certified Forensic Consultant; is a Certified Director of Safety, North American Transportation Management Institute; and has a Valid Virginia Operator's License with Motorcycle Endorsement. He is also a Member of The National Association of Professional Reconstruction Specialist, Inc; The Southeast Accident Reconstruction Society; and The Illinois Association of Technical Accident Investigators. Kevin also has taught Accident Investigation to several police, insurance, and medical groups.
Teresa L. Trent, CRC, CDMS, CCM, ABVE/D;
Vocational Expert
Ms. Trent has over 25 years experience providing Vocation Rehabilitation Services. Her experience and expertise includes vocational rehabilitation; short and long term disability; workers' compensation; employability assessments; job seeking; skills training; job placement and development; labor market surveys; and job-site analyses.

Teresa's Certification and Licensures includes American Board of Vocational Experts/Diplomate (ABVE/D); Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC); Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS); and Certified Case Manager (CCM). She is a Member of The American Board of Vocational Experts and The International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.
Robert P. Walson, PhD
Metallurgical and Materials Expert
Dr. Walson has more than 25 years experience in materials and metallurgical engineering.  His expertise includes mechanical and material failures; structure and component analyses including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, and construction materials; nondestructive, microscopic, and surface chemistry testing; industrial equipment; construction equipment; consumer products; chemical processes; Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray failure analyses; engine and power system components and materials including turbines; ceramic valve seat inserts; machine elements and design; and high temperature cast irons alloyed with aluminum.

Bob is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials; the American Society for Materials International; the Society of Automotive Engineers; and the Indiana Microscopy Society.  He holds a patent for the "Cutting of Germanium Semiconductor Materials used in Computers".
David Weich; Trucking Expert Mr. Weich has 40 years of experience as a truck driver and equipment operator, including providing maintenance and training. His expertise and experience includes trucking operations; maintenance; regulations/standards; safety; training; flat beds; snow plows; tandem dump trucks; loader; back hoes; bus instructor; traffic control; road repair; firefighter; emergency vehicle operations; CDL and defensive training instructor; rope, ladder, hose training; search and rescue; hazmat training.

David's Certifications and Memberships include Certified as a Level 2 Firefighter/EMT, Assistant Fire Instructor, and in CPR. He is also Certified in Rescue and Hazmat to Operation Level and a Member of the Ohio Society of Fire Service Instructors and The Ohio Firefighter Association.
C. Dennis Wylie, CPE
Human Factors Expert
Mr. Wylie has more than 30 years experience involving Human Factors and Ergonomics Research.  He is a Member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the International Ergonomics Association, and is a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist.

Dennis was a Principal Investigator and Manager of a U.S. Department of Transportation Study, completed in 1997, entitled “Driver Fatigue and Alertness Study: Rewriting the Rules.”  Dennis was also the Principal Human Factors Scientist involved in vehicle and license class definitions, rules, and regulations, made part of CFR Title 49, part 383.9.  Dennis wrote, “The Model Driver’s Manual for Commercial Vehicle Driver Licensing,” used by all states for commercial driver licensing, in addition to “Instructor’s Manual, National Commercial Driver License Examiner Training Program.”

Dennis has given over 12 Human Factors/ Ergonomics/ Transportation-related presentations, and has over 60 related publications.
Robert A. Yano, PE
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, California
Mr. Yano has more than 30 years experience involving the analysis, design, fabrication, testing, and maintenance of automotive systems and components.  He is a member of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), NSC (National Safety Council), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers), and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Bob's previous clients have included Ford, Diamler-Chrysler, Catepillar, Cummins, John-Deere, Visteon, Detroit Diesel Allison, GE Electrical Division, TACOM (Tank Automotive Command), and NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration).

Bob's work for Ford included developing state-of-the-art component test facilities for their Crash Barrier Test Facility and their Body Test Lab in Dearborne, Michigan.   Components included seats, doors, windshields, roofs, wipers, bumpers, brakes, airbags, and steering/suspension components.  Bob's earlier work for NHTSA included testing the safety of proposed air bag systems.  Bob collects and restores antique and classic vehicles.