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Experts' CV Abstracts
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Our Elevators and Escalators Group includes experts with hands-on experience with all forms of personal and product conveyances. They are supported by our Fire/Explosion Investigators; Architects; and Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Material, and Biomechanical Engineers.
In addition to passenger elevators and escalators, these experts are experienced with personal home conveyances, freight elevators, and dumbwaiters. Their qualifications and experience includes design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance. 
Oftentimes, these investigations involve controller/safety defects, improper warnings, maintenance issues, mis-levelings, and falls/trips. Our experts can assist in determining potentially liable parties, including designers, manufacturers, installers, owners, operators, service/maintenance contractors, vandals, and/or the injured plaintiffs.
Elevators and Escalators Experts
CV Abstracts

Gary Easley, QEI
Elevator and Escalator Expert
Mr. Easley has more than 35 years experience in electronics technology, and more than 7 years as a qualified elevator inspector.  His experience includes elevator damage, malfunction, and personal injury/death, including root cause failure analysis; supervision of mechanics, pipe fitters and electrical/instrument craftsmen; certification, inspection and record keeping of ASME, state regulations, and/or OSHA regulations.  Gary is QEI and NAESA Certified.
Jon L. Filliez
Elevator and Escalator Expert

Mr. Filliez has more than 30 years experience in elevator and escalator maintenance operations.  His experience includes elevator and escalator maintenance, service and repair; elevator and escalator damage and malfunction evaluations; long range elevator modernization projects.

Jon holds a State of Michigan Elevator Class "A" Journeyperson's License and a State of Michigan Certificate of Competency (General Elevator Inspector).

Richard Gregory
Elevator and Escalator Expert
Mr. Gregory has more than 30 years experience related to elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and similar equipment.  Dick's experience includes ANSI/ASME A17 Code interpretation and compliance; elevator/escalator design; maintenance and repair; inspections and assessments; electrical and control systems; and installation/ construction, including modernization.

Dick is a member of over a dozen organizations and committees related to elevator/escalator design, installation, operation, maintenance, and safety.  Dick is also a nationally known lecturer and course instructor on vertical transportation systems, and has 2 elevator-related patents.
John W. Koshak, QEI, CEI
Elevator and Escalator Expert
Mr. Koshak has more than 30 years experience including elevator and escalator damage, malfunction, and personal injury/death; risk analysis facilitation; code compliance; elevator system design, including design of a machineroom-less elevator system; designed the LifeJacket hydraulic elevator safety device; direct and indirect hydraulic elevators; geared and gearless traction elevators; escalators; moving walks; wheelchair lifts; and dumbwaiters.

John is a Member of the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation, and has been a Trustee and on the Board of Regents.  He is also a Member of the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International; the Canadian Standards Association; the B44 Associate Committee; the International Association of Elevator Engineers; the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; the A17 Standards Committee; the A17 Mechanical Design Committee; the A17 New Technology Committee; the A17 International Standards Committee; the A17 Code Coordination Committee; the A17 Alternate Member of Hydraulic Committee; the International Standards Organization; and the National Association of Elevator Contractors.

John holds six patents for elevator safety and control devices, and has his Private Pilot Certificate.
Steven L. Stuard, QEI
Elevator Expert
Mr. Stuard has more than 30 years experience in elevator operations.  His experience includes elevator maintenance and repairs; modernization of elevators; installation, including associated service tasks; elevator damage and malfunction evaluation. 

Steve is a registered elevator inspector and a member of the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities and the National Association of Vertical Transport Professionals.