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Our Electrical and Controls Group includes Registered Electrical, Controls, and Instrumentation Engineers supported by our Fire/Explosion Investigators, Architects, and Materials experts.  These experts have designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained electrical equipment, wiring, utility systems, controls and instrumentation, lighting, grounding systems and a variety of consumer, commercial, and automotive electrical products.
Our experts are especially experienced in safety and security design, warning, and interlocking procedures, since these are often the root causes of electrocutions, shocks, fires, explosions, and injury/deaths due to inadvertent equipment operation.  We rely extensively on applicable national and local standards – most notably the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the NESC (National Electric Safety Code).
Electrical and Controls Experts
CV Abstracts

Michael E. Creighton
Forensic Electrician
Mr. Creighton has more than thirty years experience in the electrical contracting profession. His expertise includes electrical design, specification, installation, maintenance, renovation, and troubleshooting in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Mike holds Electrical and Fire Alarm Licenses from the State of Ohio, and Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor Licenses from the State of Michigan.
James R. Heyl, PE
Electrical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan,
New Mexico

Mr. Heyl has more than 30 years experience involving building electrical system and equipment design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  His experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities and their appliances/equipment.  Jim has been involved with automation and robotic systems; computers and PLC programming; low and medium voltage distribution systems; code compliance; and standby and prime power generators.

Jim’s experience also includes controls and instrumentation systems as well as investigations of electrical systems and components as the origin or cause of fires.  Jim is a member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).

Norman B. Hochfeld
Electrical Expert
Mr. Hochfeld has almost 25 years experience involving building electrical system and equipment design, installation, operation and maintenance.  His experience includes consumer electronics; control systems; material handling systems; fiber optics; computers and PLC’s; robotic systems; process controls and instrumentation; metal processing operations; HVAC systems; hydraulic elevators; security systems; automatic fire systems; dust and fume collection systems; and plant safety.

Norm is a member of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and ISA (Instrument Society of America).  He has extensive experience with NFPA, ANSI, NEC, UL, ISA, JIC, and IEC codes and standards.
Rollie L. Robert, PE
Electrical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Massachusetts, Provinces of Ontario, Quebec
Mr. Robert has more than 30 years experience involving the electrical design, construction, and maintenance of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and manufacturing buildings and building equipment/facilities.  His experience includes robot, stamping press, and welding cell ANSI compliance; underground tanks; electrical power, controls, and instrumentation; safety procedures and incident reports; AandE professional liability issues; electrical substations; illumination requirements; communication and security systems; and hazardous facilities operations. 

Rollie has authored over 20 papers and has prepared and conducted over 40 workshops on Construction Safety, 100 Workshops on Machine/Equipment Safety and 60 Workshops on Risk Assessment.
Eric A. Tolles, PE
Electrical Engineer
Licensed Engineer in Michigan, Ohio 
Mr. Tolles has more than 20 years experience involving electrical design, installation, operation, and maintenance of industrial and manufacturing facilities and equipment.  His experience includes machinery; material handling systems; automation and robotic systems; controls and instrumentation; programmable logic controllers; computers and networking; personnel safety systems; and communication technologies. 

Eric is a Member of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers, and the Technical Society of Toledo.
William W. Whitworth, PE; Utility Line/Pole Expert and Electrical Engineer Mr. Whitworth has 35 years experience with utility power distribution systems, including power poles and overhead and underground power lines. His experience and expertise includes NESC code requirements; wood pole analysis; pole loading, guying, and buckling; material failure analysis; compliance audits; conductor sag and tension; conductor blowouts; fuse coordination; fault studies; circuit loading; voltage drop analysis; capacitor bank and control; system reliability indices; system reliability; improvement recommendations; system inventories; inspections; mapping; underground and overhead distribution systems; engineering policies; programmable capacitor controls; guy/anchor failures; easements; estimates; and training seminars.

Bill is a Licensed, Registered Professional Engineer in several states. His Professional Affiliations include The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE); The Indiana Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) - Treasurer (2010-present), ISPE Educational Foundation (ISPE-EF) - Treasurer (2012-present); Senior Member of IEEE Power Engineering Society, Central Indiana Section, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA); The Indiana Energy Association (IEA) - T&D Committee; The Midwest Electric Distribution Exchange (MEDE); The Midwest Energy Association (MEA) Code & Standards Committee; The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Distribution Group; The American National Standards Institute (ANSI); The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); The Forest Products Society (FPS); The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA); and The International Council on Large Electric Systems - US Committee (CIGRE).
Scott M. Yano, PE
Electrical and Medical Equipment Expert
Mr. Yano has experience in designing, developing, and operating advanced diagnostic medical equipment. His work has included developing medical equipment requirements and specifications and demonstrating equipment performance.

Scott’s experience includes the design, installation, and operation of power supplies; electronic wiring schematics; and instrumentation and control equipment. He performs software programming; evaluates wireless (RF) and sound controlled equipment performance; and is involved in determining the effects of electromagnetic fields on equipment and personnel. 

Scott is a member of IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers), Antennas and Propagation, Vehicular Technology, and Communication Societies.